Samurai Champloo

Samurai Champloo – Crazy swordfighting and a rapping style!

Well, what would you guess from the picture up there? Would you ever think those two guys totally kick ass with a sword in hand? Oh do they ever in Samurai champloo. In this pretty interesting anime, Samurais are shown from a more diffrent side. Not honor-seeking, dusty old fellows, but crazy people swinging swords around and causing numerous untimely deaths. So a real alternative for any who are too bored about the old-skool stuff anyway.

Short summary:

The story begins in a rather usual tavern in a city, where the girl Fuu (I think it’s written like that ^^), serves all the dishes. (The lady to the right of the picture). Suddenly though, a really strange and awkward guy, wearing a red shirt, comes in (the guy in the center). It doesn’t take long till he starts a fight with a rather typical samurai (seen to the left in the picture). However, both get interrupted and put into jail. They are then visited by the girl Fuu, who proposes a deal: She will free them if they help her search for someone. They reluctantly agree, which is the start of a long and quite hideous journey with many twists and turns.

  1. Story: Well, what can I say? The story was delighting. From the start till the end it was really, really interesting, as to who the characters are, where they come from, and where they are going to. It is also interesting to discover which secrets Fuu is holding, and who the mysterious person she is looking for is. It also stays interesting, never gtting dull. However I have to say, that one thing did annoy me a little, and that was that some episodes were clearly fillers. They contribute nothing to the story or the character development, and are there, more or less, to take the anime to the length of 26 episodes.
  2. Characters: The characters were, contrary to my expcetations, very well made. Each of the characters had a characteristic background-story, which made the whole story all the more interesting, since you just die to see why the characters behave the way they do, and if what is visible on the surface is all they really are. Also, all characters find important things for them during their travels, which helps the depth of the characters.
  3. Sound and Music: The music used in Samurai champloo is often a bit “Hip Hop style”. Of course, not everyone likes that, but I should mention that it really fits some of the style of the characters and that it is not overexcessive. As I said, it’s only hip hop- “style”. You almost never hear anyone rap, and much of the other music is classically “anime-music”. So, even if you don’t really like hip hop, you don’t have to worry about getting bombarded with it, but it is present, if you have panic attacks from this music style.
  4. Graphics: Compaed to many other animes, the graphics are quite cool. They are again in a very specific style, as you can see on the picture above, with sometimes rather amusing outlines, but they are good nontheless. The colors are quite clear, and the outlines sharp and detailed. Again, this is a style which can be debated over for years if it’s good or bad. Personally, I’d say that the animators did a great job.
  5. Atmosphere: The atmosphere is quite ok in the anime. I think that it is well done actually, since you can really feel the danger, or the relaxation, depending on what the characters are doing. The key moments are really captivating,and never get boring or predictable. The anime inspires hate, love, fear, anxiousness, sadness, or happiness brilliantly.

My final Rating for thisAnime:


Explanation: If I look only at the story, the graphics, the music etc. This anime would probably get an 11,5 or something similar. The only problem with this anime, is that it has just too many filler episodes to be good. Some filler episodes were somewhat funny, but some were just plain stupid. However, I should mention that I am nontheless glad, that this is not one of the animes where the fillers were independant from the story, and where the authors didn’t suddenly start to go berserk and kill the good story with forced episodes. So, this anime receives 10 / 12. Thank you