Welcome to the FAQ! This is the page where hopefully, all remaining answers will be cleared for you.

1 ) What does FAQ mean?

– Answer: It means: Frequently asked questions

2 ) So, why do you do this?

– Answer: Well, to be honest, just because I like to. That’s it.

3 ) I do not understand some of your strange words! What do they mean?

– Answer: You can find all of the meanings in the “Dictionary” page.  Some words I have invented myself. Now before I come across as really arrogant or would-be-literaric, I just do that since I am not bored enough to go out looking if there is already a word for it. In the section mentioned above, you should be able to find what you are looking for

4 ) I am of a totally diffrent opinon than you on Anime xxx! Why did you give it such a good / bad rating?

– Answer: I am aware that many might disagree with the ratings I gave the animes. Again, I wish to stress that I am not the editor in chief of some anime magazine. What I give here is not a personal, well researched rating which I have thought about for months. It’s just my gut feeling about what I felt when I watched the anime. That’s all

5 ) Who are you? Your name is nowhere to be found!

– Answer: For those of you who asked this question, I believe you were somewhat confused that no Name appears anywhere, except for my account name “0secquencer”. The reason for this is that, for the moment, I have no reason to tell anyone here my name, nor is it necessary.

6 ) Do you ever change your opinion on Anime xxx?

– Answer: To be really honest: It’s rare. But that doesn’t mean that it never happens. I do change my opinion sometimes when I rewatch an anime or rethink about it. But like I said, it doesn’t happen often.

7 ) When will you be bringing Anime xyz here?

– Answer: As much as I would love to watch many more animes, you have to understand that I have to make a living, and cannot spend all my days watching animes. Since there are well over 5000 Animes, I will never have a chance to see them all. All I can say is that I watch animes regularly, and that the chance of your desired anime popping up is somewhat high.

8 ) I still think that you would love Anime xyz! What do I have to do to make you watch it?

– Answer: If it is very important for you, you can write an E-Mail or contact me, recommending me the anime you want me to watch. I will then look into it, and, if possible, watch it. However, I cannot make any promises here, so please bear with me if I can’t watch Anime xyz right away.

9 ) Which sort of Animes do you like most?

– Answer: Mostly, I am quite open to suggestions, however, the anime should, at the very least, contain some sort of action. Pure romances and purely “slice of life” stories are fine, but for my tastes not interesting enough for me to watch. However, everything else should be just fine, if the story and the rest are good.

10 ) I have read some of your articles, but really I seems as though you don’t like almost every anime you come across. What’s the matter with you?

– Answer: I should mention beforehand, that I am a really spoiled anime fan. For me to think that an anime is really good, it has to be outstanding, in my terms (not in popularity).

11 ) Hey, I saw that you gave a bad rating to Anime xyz, it’s so freaking popular, how could you do that?

– Answer: This is just the point of me doing this. I do not rate an anime good because billions of people watch it. I just rate an anime good if I thought it was good. And what the rest of the world thinks, well, it does not really play a role in my rating.

Any more questions? Check again later, (more will be added in due time), or contact me!


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