Welcome to the Dictionary!

The purpose of this site is to give you a little explanation for all the fuzzy and not understandable words in this weblog. So, if you found a word on this website that you didn’t understand, you have come to the right place! Have fun!

  • Halfway syndrom, the – This is something which happens so often that I thought a word was necessary to describe it. If you have watched many animes, you will notice one thing: The first half of the anime is really cool, and you think: “Hey yeah! This is a really cool anime!”. The first half often ends with a “demi-ending” or a “would-be” ending. This ending is quite cool, and you think that “Yeah, this concludes the anime quite well”, except: The anime continues! The second half however, is totally crazy. It starts going totally overboard. Hundreds of cool characters die, many more get totally insane, totally defiling the first impression you had from them. Entire worlds get destroyed, and events start to explode into stupid and really bad directions. The second half ending is mostly (but luckily not always) really really stupid, competely out of context and the worst you have seen in years. This is what I like to call the Halfway syndrom. When an anime, at first really good, get’s really bad. You get the impression that those who made the anime somehow went out of ideas halfway, and starting makeing up for it by adding the most idiotic content ever seen.
  • SD – Literally means “Super deformed”. This is seen in many many animes, where you can see the characters faces as ultra deformed, with sometimes bulgy or rectangular eyes, etc. Although some think this is quite funny, in my opinion it somewhat ruines the anime…

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