If you have come here, I imagine that you are in search of answers about what this blog is all about, what it does, etc.

I will assume that you haven’t read the introduction on the main page, or simply want more information, which I shall provide here.

I will, to the best of my capability, describe in full detail what I do. If you have any questions remaining after that, please refer to the FAQ section, for further information. Have fun!

So, the purpose of this website is, first and foremost, to give a rating and a short description about animes. If you don’t know what animes are, check the FAQ. The problem however with animes is, that in todays age it is difficult to find a good rating. Especially with animes, one person’s good is another person’s horrible. There are many sites where hundreds, if not even thousands of users are giving a rating, but the problem with said ratings is often, that the people who rated the anime might think totally diffrent than you.

First, a few guidelines, as to how I rate animes. This should help understand why some animes have a really bad rating, and some have a really good one. In descending importance, I take the following things into consideration:

1) Story – This is, at least for me, the all important factor for an anime. In my opinion: What good are all flashy graphics and sounds if the story is totally stupid and dull, and makes no sense. I will stress this often in the articles about the animes, but this really is the most important thing for me. So many animes get really bad at the ending, it’s almost sick-making. That’s what pushes the rating of many animes down to the worst levels.

2) Characters – This is closely alligned with the story, but it is a diffrent point nontheless. Characters are an important part of any story. What I rate are mostly, how deeply the characters are shown and explored. Nobody likes characters who are just another clichee. This is very important for me since a dull character really leads to nothing.

3) Sound and Music – You may be astonished that for me, sound and music are more important than graphics, but they are. I think music and the characters’ voices, and the sound effects, are what give shape to the entire anime. Nothing is more annoying than an ever repeating music, or a music which does not really fit the local scene.

4) Graphics – This is a point for much debate, as to wheter or not graphics are important. I have many friends which look ANY anime which has a somewhat decent graphics, no matter how bad all the rest may be. I think that graphics are important, but they are not the factor which determines if the anime is good or bad.

5) Atmosphere – Many do not even realize that there is an “atmosphere” in an anime, but I still think it is very important to be noted. The atmosphere is sort of like how the makers of the anime managed to present it. For example: A tragic ending cannot be brought in a happily lit house with a funny music and a lot of SD characters. If that is the case, then the atmosphere truly is wasted.

6) Extras and fanservice. This is one of the things which I very rarely rate, since I am mostly not really interested in “hidden secrets” from prequels or hints at sequels etc. since I think that this not really has much to do with the quality of the anime, but I will still mention it sometimes.

Based on all these points (except point 6, which mostly is not present), I will rate an anime from 1-12, with 1 beeing the worst of the worst, and 12 beeing the best of the best. I will also explain WHY I rated the animes such, and also give a short description.

In some articles, you will find a spoiler-free and a spoiler-containing section. This was done in case I absolutly had to say something concerning the story of the anime, but didn’t want to spoil the story to fans which didn’t see the anime yet. Only read the spoiler-containing section if you have already seen the anime, or don’t mind getting it spoiled.

I think with this lengthy description you should know why and how I rate. If you have further questions, please refer to the FAQ section, which should hopefully answer all other questions.


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