Hello! You have sucessfully arrived at the Animefan’s blog.

Now, for those of you who are totally confused about what this blog is and does, here a short introduction: First, this blog is NOT about my daily life, and it’s not an online diary. It’s not a developer day-to-day writings, and it’s not about daily news. What this blog really is about, is simple: I will add all the animes which i watch here. Expect that there is a new article every 3-5 days or so.

Since this is not to become another “What is this anime all about” I will divide every article into two sections: Spoilerfree, and spoiler-containing. Which means, that if you have already seen the anime, or do not mind getting the story spoiled, go to the spoiler-containing section. If not, go to the spoilerfree section. I will give a rating (from 1-12), and a descrption as to why I give this rating.

Please note: I kindly ask you to not post comments dealing with the rating I gave the anime. I know from past expierience that there is a lot of emotion in a rating of something. One person’s good is another person’s bad. If you do not agree with the rating, then please keep in mind that this is just my personal feeling about the anime. I am not some professional rater, nor a journalist or “Editor in chief” of some anime magazine. Thank you

As for all that, I hope you have fun here, maybe find some advice or new ideas on animes. Best of luck!


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